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I know I promised every couple of days but between Kris being sick, work being a madhouse I haven't even had a minute to process....

I have a flight today that will allow for some significant writing time...until then..

Facebook bores me

Last night I signed into my LJ account and I read, and read and read for what felt like hours. There were minimal one liners and no bad duck face photo's. This place is full of life for me. Although posting from many people are minimal, at least this way I can keep up to date with you on a more in-depth basis.

I am guaranteeing myself at least a post a day or at least one every two days.

It will take me a while to get back into the swing...

It would seem...

That a few of my friends are using LJ again, and perhaps it's time for me tooooooo

Since May-Really

What happened to our LJ. I miss my life here. But I guess things move on.

Oh hai

Knock knock.

I bring the bold out in your cold

Bam. Like that I am happier than a pig in a mud puddle on a hot day. It's minus 13 today in the fair city of Toronto. The sun is shining and the snow glistens. I'm so happy and warm though today. I remembered to plug in the heater in my office so today I win.

It's Thursday so that means it's Throw you into the Thick of it Thursdays.

I am making this up. Pretty fabulous for just making it up really.

Vacation upcoming. Big White Feb 1 - Feb 6 SCORE!

Although they haven't been getting dumped on, but I am hoping that the next week and a bit brings some pow pow pow...You can see the weather report here.

I'm loving P&C days.

So this week is about making some mad cash, saving up for the white of big. Getting my house in order and then enjoying some quality time with the mountains.

It's so cold in my office that I totally just scooped a down blanket from the warehouse and have wrapped it around me!

Cold 1 Carrie 0

Christmas and Life

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am right now. Things are just falling into place. Work makes me love life, and being off for 10 days makes me love life even more. I couldn't be happier. The winter weather makes me excited and my skiing is top notch this year. I think the thing that could round off everything in my life is for my new tv to be set up! heh! Boxing day fun!

I have more to write, but I am heading north this evening :)