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Your Requisite Strangeness

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C a RR i e
7 October
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I'm Carrie. I work hard, play hard and sometimes try to act like a girl.

I snowboard, ski, horseback ride, rock climb, kayak, canoe, wakeboard, highdive, mountain bike, play beach volleyball, make beads, garden, write in this journal, and after all that I have an office with a couch and the view of shiny glass buildings!

Oh and when I am done all of that I also....see interests below.

Build me a treehouse...

I am as strong as the ocean, my roar is mightier than a howling wind, I am gentle like a warm rain, and I crumble like a pile of dry dirt. I would love to live in a tree house for a month my feet couldn't touch the ground except maybe to poop in the woods. I would love to run naked up and down a sandy beach, only letting my toes feel the cool water. I want to learn how to arrange flowers, milk cows and visit as many countries as possible. I want to put bright red lipstick on and do lip porn. I want to sleep for three days straight on a hammock and only wake up to reapply sunscreen. I want to keep my stash of batteries out of the landfill. I want to run along Yonge street and honk every horn of every car I see. I want to dance in the street, and create a commotion.

The WeatherPixie

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